Willow's "Collecting Info" Feature Is Here!

Willow's "Collecting Info" Feature Is Here!
Willow makes it easier than ever to collect sign up data from your audience for mail lists, webinars, and more!

At Willow, we recognize that content creators have a lot to manage, especially if you’re making a living from your online presence. In an effort to streamline your operations, help you build close connections with your community, and save you (and your audience!) time, we’ve created the “Collecting Info” feature.

With this new feature, anyone visiting your Willow page has the option to submit certain details for you to contact them at a later time. You can download these details to a CSV file and upload it to your mailing list provider of choice (Mailchimp, Benchmark, etc.). Don’t have a mailing list? We need to talk!

Regardless of what kind of content creator you are, if you want to stay in touch and build connections with your audience, a mailing list is crucial! There are so many possibilities when you have your own mailing list, such as:

  • Letting customers know when you’re having a sale
  • Letting customers know when you’ve released a new product
  • Sending customers downloadable data (ebooks, digital assets, etc.)
  • Letting customers sign up in advance for webinars or workshops
  • Sending your audience a weekly or monthly newsletter
  • And more!

Even if you aren’t selling a product or service, if you’re creating content and want people to see it, a mailing list can help. Consider sending a newsletter with links to recent posts you’ve made or videos you’ve uploaded. With your mailing list, you can still stay connected with your audience if you decide to switch or leave a certain platform: it really is an invaluable tool.

How to Add “Collecting Info” to Your Willow Page

It’s very easy to add the “Collecting Info” feature to your Willow page! First, head to “My Page” on Willow and click on “Explore charity, monetization, and integrations.”

From there, select “Collect Info.”

Add a title and description to let people know what you plan to use their information for (sending a newsletter, signing up for a waitlist, etc.). Select which data you want to collect as well as which data you want to be required (i.e., they cannot submit the form without filling out the field).

Double check that everything looks good in the preview section.

That’s it! You’re now ready to start collecting datal Remember to treat all customer data with the utmost care and make sure you are complying with all applicable privacy and protection laws.

What do you think of our new “Collecting Info” feature? We hope it serves as a useful tool for building and staying in touch with your community. As always, thank you for choosing Willow; we can’t wait to see what you create!