Willow Announces Gumroad Integration

Willow Announces Gumroad Integration
Are you a creator selling digital assets or memberships on Gumroad? Now you can add Gumroad products directly to your favorite link-in-bio tool!

Everyone’s favorite link-in-bio tool just got even better! Willow has announced a new and exciting feature: Gumroad integration. At Willow, we know how important it is for creators and solopreneurs to make their content easily accessible to their audience. With this feature, people will be able to see your Gumroad store right from your Willow page.

If you’re wondering what Gumroad is and how it works, here’s a quick rundown: Gumroad is a digital marketplace where creators can self-publish assets like books, memberships, courses, and more. A favorite of creatives everywhere, you can sell anything from Procreate brushes to guided meditation workshops and everything in between. Gumroad is free to start and has minimal transaction fees.

How to Add Gumroad to Your Willow Page

Integrating Gumroad with your Willow account is super simple! From the Willow website, navigate to “My Page” and then click on “Explore monetization, charity, and integrations.”

Click on the plus sign next to Gumroad.

Log in to your Gumroad account to connect it with Willow.

After linking your Gumroad, you will need to choose which product from your store that you want to display on your Willow page. If you have multiple products, we recommend going with your bestseller or a new listing that you want to push. With any luck, a shopper will be drawn in by the product you have displayed on your Willow page and then easily hop over to your Gumroad to see what else you’re offering.

With Gumroad integration, your Willow page really can be a one-stop-shop for your audience! We hope this feature will enhance your experience with Willow and aid you on your content creation journey. Thank you for choosing Willow!