What Does Link in Bio Mean on Instagram

What Does Link in Bio Mean on Instagram

Confused about the elusive “link in bio” mentioned in nearly every Instagram post from your favorite brand, influencer, or social media magnet? Wondering if you’re missing out on untapped marketing potential by not using your link in bio to its fullest potential?

Let’s take a look at what it means when someone says “link in bio” and its benefits to your reach, revenue, and overall online success.

You can consider it a call to action directing readers to a particular IG account holder’s profile page. Right under their username and profile description—but just above the “follow” or “following” buttons—you’ll find a single link.

Using the catch phrase “link in bio” means an account holder wants you to go to their profile page, click the link, and go to a new platform or webpage outside of Instagram. Why? So you can learn more about their brand or a specific product, service, or promotion.

Why Can’t You Just Add a Link to an Instagram Post?

In an effort to curb spam and misinformation, Instagram (and some other social media sites) have forbidden the use of clickable links in posts and limited the number of links in your bio to one.

Sidenote: There are some workarounds to this, but they involve having upwards of 10,000 followers or using the swipe-up feature on an Instagram story. But for smaller influencers or business owners, a clickable link in a post just isn’t in the cards.

So the infamous “link in bio” phrase directs readers to the only place they can continue to follow people off of Instagram and to wherever an account holder wants them to go.

And since the overwhelming majority of Instagram users make use of other social media platforms (like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and their own website—you get the idea), just having one link doesn’t cut it. So you really need to make that link count.

You make it count by using one of the numerous link in bio tools, like Willow, that are on the market. They allow readers to click the link in bio and get redirected to a new page with a list of links that is customized by the account holder.

It’s a simple solution, and here at Willow we believe in making sure that that single link in your bio helps you connect with your audience and makes you more discoverable, all while helping you generate revenue. What sets us aparts is our all-in-one bio link tool that comes with an integrated tipping feature allowing users to tip you directly.

So not only do we help you make your link in bio count, but we help you make it really count.

Before the advent of link in bio tools, Instagram account holders had to choose just one link to send users to.

Oftentimes it redirected readers to a user’s:

  • Website
  • Product page
  • A promotion, sale, or giveaway
  • Other social media platform
  • Their most recent blog post or YouTube video
  • An affiliate link or sponsorship site
  • Or, a fundraising page

Now, of course, we can add link in bio tools like Willow to the mix.

But how does that directly benefit Instagram account holders? A good link in bio will help you get the word out, find your tribe, increase your reach, and add to your earning potential. All things that you want to do on social media anyway, but a link in bio tool helps you reach those goals easier and faster.

Don’t rely on a single link in your Instagram profile page to ineffectively improve reader engagement. An all-in-one link in bio tool will save you time, energy, and give your Instagram page the added boost it deserves.