What Are Twitter Spaces (and How to Start One)?

What Are Twitter Spaces (and How to Start One)?
Connect with your followers and mutuals in real time with Twitter Spaces! We’ll give you all the details on this useful tool.

Twitter, once a text-only, 140 character limit social media site, continues to grow and evolve. Its latest feature, Twitter Spaces, allows people to start their own audible conversations (similar to Voice Channels on Discord). Furthermore, users can listen and participate in Spaces hosted by their favorite Tweeters.

In terms of building a community, Spaces, along with Twitter Chats, can help you connect to your followers in real time. Spaces are a great way to diversify your content, collab with other influencers, and host meaningful (or just plain fun!) discussions. If you prefer speaking to typing, we recommend giving Spaces a try. Before starting or joining a Twitter Space, there are some key things you need to know.

Important Facts About Twitter Spaces

  • Twitter Spaces are 100% public. Anyone, even people without Twitter accounts, can join your space and listen. Spaces are still in development, so Twitter may offer privacy settings in the future, but they don’t exist right now.
  • If you join a Space to listen in, anyone will be able to see. Not only will a purple icon appear next to your profile to show that you’re in a Space, the details (title of the Space, who is hosting, etc.) will also be visible on your profile. You can toggle this feature off in your settings, but it is set to public by default.
  • Twitter Spaces allows for one host and up to two co-hosts (who can speak freely). Up to 10 people can listen in and request to speak. An unlimited number of people can listen in, but will not be able to request to speak.
  • The host can approve or deny requests to speak. The host can also kick a user from their Space if they desire.
  • Currently, Twitter Spaces can only be started with the mobile app. They cannot be started from a PC or the web. Furthermore, listeners can only speak if they’re using the mobile app. If you join a Space from the web, you will only be able to listen.
  • Twitter Spaces can be recorded. Hosts can record their Spaces and save them on their timeline for users to listen at their convenience.
  • Twitter Spaces are audio only: there’s no video integration available at the present time.

How to Start a Twitter Spaces Session

There are two ways to start a Space and you’ll need to use Twitter’s mobile app for both. First, you can long press the plus sign (the button you use to tweet normally) and select the purple microphone icon. Alternatively, you can tap the microphone icon at the bottom of your screen. This will take you to the Spaces search page where you can see ongoing and scheduled Spaces to join. There will be a purple microphone icon in the bottom right corner if you want to start your own Space.

You can either start a Space immediately or schedule one for up to 14 days in advance. Then you will be able to invite people to listen. Your microphone will be off at first, so you’ll need to unmute it once you’re ready to start. Be sure to tap the arrow icon to share your Space info as a tweet so all of your followers can join!

Ideas for Hosting Your Own Twitter Space

  • Hold a Q&A session
  • Have a weekly chat with members of your community
  • Share details or behind the scenes info about a project you’re working on
  • Choose a specific topic to discuss in detail
  • Interview someone from within your niche
  • Discuss current events, breaking news, social issues, etc.
  • Read an original story, poem, or spoken word
  • Have a good, old-fashioned debate
  • Educate listeners on something you’re knowledgeable about

Hopefully now you know what a Twitter Space is, how to start or join one, and have some ideas for hosting your own. Remember to stay safe and avoid giving out any personal details: literally anyone (your ex, your boss, the cranky neighbor from down the street, anyone!) could be listening in. Spaces can aid you on your content creation journey and we recommend giving them a try if you’re interested. Who knows, your Twitter Space could be the next big hit!