Social Media Strategies for Athletes

Social Media Strategies for Athletes

Social media is a powerful tool for any athlete to use, whether their career is just getting started or they’re a long time, decorated athlete. It can seem confusing and even a little daunting to get started on social media, so we’ve created this article that can serve as a handy guide to social media strategies for athletes!

  1. Collabing

After an athlete has been creating their own content for a while and has established at least about 500-1000 followers, they could try collaborating with another athlete or content creator. People enjoy seeing creators they enjoy team up to create fun, interesting videos, and the creators can have a great time and network too.

If the athlete doesn’t want to do that though, even “collabing” with people in their life can be something fun! For example bringing a best friend or their own mom into a video and creating interesting content together.

2.  Taking part in trends

One of the best ways to make use of TikTok’s algorithm is to jump on trends and add something unique to them. There’s a new TikTok trend almost every day, so there’s bound to be plenty of fresh inspiration for athletes to try out, and plenty of opportunities to show off their skills!

3.  Insights

People love knowing about others’ lives, and athletes can do such amazing things with their bodies that any insights into training, routines, a day-in-the-life type of video, or even tips and hacks will be received really well. Athletes can really make use of their social media in this way to make their followers feel like they’re involved, as well as showing themselves in action.

4.  Going live

One of the best ways to engage with followers is by going live. When an athlete goes live, they can see and respond to the stream of comments on their live, as well as do and say whatever they would like. It’s a great, authentic-feeling way to interact directly with followers! Plus, when the athlete goes live on TikTok, a notification is sent to their followers and the athlete’s live will appear at the top of their followers’ inboxes.

5.  The link in bio

The most powerful tool that anyone on social media can use is the link in bio. Adding a link in bio is a bit like having a link to a website, but it’s more like a menu of different resources and links that followers can access. Having the link in bio lead to just one thing isn’t making the best use out of it as possible. With Willow, our very own powerful link in bio tool, athletes (or anyone for that matter) can enjoy their link in bio leading to a list of as many links as they want.

The links found on Willow pages can lead to campaigns, e-tournaments, apps, games, websites, shops, and many, many more.

This option provides athletes many more ways to interact with fans, monetize content, and be their authentic selves, so try Willow today!

Tips for athletes when using social media

  • Be appropriate! - athletes need to remember that what they post represents them. Their public social media isn’t the place to interact with adult entertainers, post drunk selfies, or be rude to other people.
  • Remain positive – no one likes to follow someone who’s mean, unkind, or downright moody all the time. This isn’t to say be unauthentic – just be nice.
  • Never reveal too much – athletes should check with their coach, support staff, or even manager to see which aspects of their training and/or life shouldn’t be posted online. Additionally, keeping some mystery around their life is good for athletes.
  • Be consistent.
  • Be authentic.
  • Focus on the process, not results.

Social media in sports has really blown up over the years and link in bio athletes have a great way to accomplish many things at the same time. Try Willow! Built by a team at Streamlabs, is a link in bio tool that allows you to collect all your important links in one place and share them with your audience, so that you can make the most of your social media.