How to Support the People of Ukraine

How to Support the People of Ukraine

We are deeply troubled by the crisis in Ukraine and doing what we can to support humanitarian efforts. In addition to the new tools, features, and 100K match by Streamlabs, the team at Willow is providing additional tools and functionality for our community to make it easy for content creators to show their support.

We hope you’ll join us in supporting the people of Ukraine.

New Tools Available Today

Charity Banners: Willow’s integration with Streamlabs Charity means you can add a banner promoting a charity in your link in bio page. 100% of donations made through these banners will go to the specific charity.

Background Themes: Show your support by updating the background of your link in bio page to a Ukraine-themed overlay

Free Pro for Ukraine Creators: If you are a creator in Ukraine, we will grant your account access to Willow Pro for free.

To learn more about all of the action the entire team at Streamlabs is taking, please read our blog.

If you have any questions or feedback, reach out to us directly at [email protected]