How to Monetize your Content Online

How to Monetize your Content Online

Good online content is what creators are looking for. Content creators need to find ways to attract people's attention and benefit from it. This is where monetization comes in handy.

What to look for to have quality content? How to get monetized and what are the ways to become a successful influencer? First, let's understand what monetizing content means.

What is Content Monetization

Content monetization is when you receive financial benefits from the content you provide. This can be directly from the users of your platform or marketers who use your content. It is not the same as content marketing.

Content marketing provides good content that will steer traffic into your website, while monetization is the financial benefit of quality content. There are different ways of monetizing; subscribing and ads are the basics.

First Thing First, Your Content

Before you start on how to make money with content, understand if it is worth the process. Ask yourself, are you providing quality content, or will your audience find something similar from another provider?

Monetizing only works if the audience will love the content. Once you have that in play, you can create a steady income. So before anything else, work on your content until it reaches the level that attracts the attention of scroller. Judge your content using three approaches:

1. Quality
This entails good research and great grammar.
2. Uniqueness
Let your content separate itself from the pool of other creators. Originality is the key, have a different approach that will set your SEO higher. With uniqueness, your targeted audience will engage and find value in your content.
3. Consistency
It won't help if the audience can't understand the times when your content is available. Unpredictability could drive your niche away. Have a clear consistency on when and how often you will provide your content, and in time you will build a loyal audience.

Monetization Requirements

After perfecting your content, you need to make sure you are qualified in the platform you plan to use. The major platforms tell you what to do to meet requirements, like how to get monetized on Instagram. Make sure your followers grow at a steady stream and engage with them to keep the stability. Your audience needs content from an expert; make sure this is you in your niche content.


This is the simplest and most common way. Sell ad space to the marketers and get paid with every click. Alternatively, you could directly deal with the advertisers. It will provide different charging options. This could be a fixed rate or a certain rate for every one thousand clicks. A large Ad company like AdSense is another option. The disadvantage is the pay is usually low and does not favor niche companies.


This is where expertise pays off. Your audience is willing to pay for the quality, in-depth content you provide. This guarantees a steady income. Your approach could be consistent newsletters with specialized content. Creativity will need to be in play here to avoid recycling content.


This could help improve your content quality. The trending method is using live streams to showcase the sponsor's products and monetize. If it goes well, your revenue will increase.

Exclusive Rights

This means selling your content rights in exchange for royalties and copyright. This is perfect for freelancers who provide exclusive content for a certain brand.

Affiliate Sales

You can use your platform to review and promote other products and services. One way is to use a trackable link that will bring income every time someone clicks on it. There are many other ways to monetize a website that you could choose from. Another way is getting tips from your viewers. Willow does this by allowing you to place a Tip panel that connects to your Paypal account for your audience to choose the preferred payment method.

The World of an Influencer

If you don't know by now, an influencer affects many buying decisions through endorsement and product placements. The influencer career has work in the background that many don't see.

According to HypeAuditor's influence income survey, average Instagram influencers earn $2,970 monthly. It's the main income for 4% of the influencers, while a quarter hopes for the same in the future.

Per hour, an average influencer earns $31, the amount doubles for beauty influencers to $60 while the major ones earn $187.


Before anything else, understand what you are passionate about before charging off to be an influencer. Your passion can be a guide to the type of content you will display. Be it make-up, cooking, doing reviews, or DIY, it can be at most three interests.

When they are too many, you might lose the audience. Once that is figured out, next is the audience.


You will need to be specific with your niche. If you are an expert in your field, it will help maintain and establish your audience. Do good research before each post.

You Bio

Every major platform has stressed the importance of your bio. It is the introduction that could draw in more audience; this is similar to a first impression. Tell a captivating story with your name, contact info, and area of expertise.

Profile and Cover Photo

Your images could speak to your audience about your branding without using words. Make sure they appear professional and in line with your content.

With these simple steps and a little patience, your influencer earnings will improve over time.


Content monetization provides great opportunities for publishers and creators to earn from their work. It is a way of profiting without selling your content. Find the monetizing method that works for you.

Start now and create a Willow account in a matter of seconds, showcase all your important links and create your bio. Don’t forget to enable tipping to receive support from your community.

Understand features in your platform that might help improve engagement with the audience. Like Instagram’s link in bio is a simple display of your bio under the username. It allows your audience to click and be directed to a platform of your choice. This will guide them to find out more about your content.