How to Create a Social Media Bio

How to Create a Social Media Bio

At Willow, we know all too well that the bio section of your social media account could make or break the success of your online presence, with the average user taking only three seconds to decide whether they or not they like you!

In other words, you can read a book by its cover, and anyone hoping to gain new followers and drive leads should spend time polishing their bio. So, where to begin? Let's start with the basics for those of you who are unfamiliar.

What does the term link-in-bio mean? As the name implies, a link-in-bio is simply a contextual link that appears within your social media bio. It is used to direct traffic from your feed to a URL of your choice (such as your blog or website).

To help you write a good bio for Instagram and other social sites, we’ve put together some helpful hints and tips for creating a killer account that resonates with fans and prospects alike.

1. Show off
Okay, we know that shouting your own praise from the rooftops is usually a little frowned upon. On social media, however, telling people about your proudest achievements is a common practice. This is particularly true for job sites such as LinkedIn, where you’re essentially competing with other users to secure the most prestigious professional roles. Recruiters will appreciate a bio that contains information about your top qualifications, a few of your unique skills, and a brief description of your interests. For Twitter or Instagram, simply include your latest or most relevant achievements to keep your audience updated about your current projects.

2. Update your bio
Remember – maintaining a compelling bio is always a work-in-progress! While updating your account may not feel like a priority when you’re busy posting fresh content, your bio must reflect timely information about your newest successes. This will ensure new followers know what you’re about and demonstrate how motivated you are.

3. Try to keep it brief
Do you find yourself constantly hitting the character limit when writing a social media bio? You’re aiming to cram in too many facts. Ultimately, most web users have rather short attention spans and will only scan your bio for a second or two. In this way, you need to make every word count. Get straight to the point and set out the unique selling points (USPs) of you or your company.

4. Create a visually appealing profile
Humans are simple creatures, really, and most of us are easily lured by bright colors and pretty pictures. To make the most of this, why not include striking fonts and emojis in your bio using tools such as Textizer Font Keyboards? Experimenting with new visuals will help you to stay ahead of competitors and attract new fans.

5. Don’t be afraid of humor
Bios often follow the same basic guidelines, particularly if you’re an influencer working in a niche industry. To catch the attention of social media users, why not inject a little fun into your bio? Depending on your audience and platform, feel free to add unusual facts about yourself or a funny quote or two. It is up to you to gauge the tone of your bio, of course – we don’t recommend plastering risqué jokes all over your LinkedIn account!

6. Add a call-to-action with Willow
Your social media is not just a place to post content and chat with other users – it’s a way to advertise your business or personal brand and encourage people to explore the entirety of your online presence. One of the best ways to direct people towards your website, blog, e-commerce platform, newsletter sign-up page, or other social media accounts is to include links.

Of course, most social media users spread themselves rather widely across the internet, hosting and updating several sites and accounts. To avoid overloading your bio with messy links, therefore, you need to create a Willow page. is a link-in bio tool that allows users to display all of their important links in one easy-to-access and linkable place. Once you have created your account, you can simply add your unique Willow address to all of your social media bios! It’s quick, easy, and could significantly boost your engagement rates. Visit our features page to see everything Willow has to offer to strengthen your presence on social media.

Example of location analytics data gained via Willow Pro

7. Inject some keywords into your bio
If you’re at all familiar with the world of search engine optimization (SEO), you’ll know that keywords strongly influence search engine algorithms. If you want to make your social media accounts searchable, adding a few powerful keywords could work wonders.

Fortunately, there are plenty of handy tools out there designed to help you tap into the latest keyword trends, such as WordStream and SEMRush. Use them to find out what words people are commonly searching for within your industry niche and try to insert them naturally into the text of your bio. Don’t go overboard, however. A bio stuffed full of keywords will be clunky and unattractive to prospects.

8. Avoid cliches
Some words are so overused on social media bios that they’re starting to become a little meaningless. We all know someone who is ‘strategic’, ‘dynamic’, or shows ‘excellent thought leadership’. Set yourself apart from the crowd by avoiding vague buzzwords and getting a little creative with your language. Why not tell a bit of a story to keep people hooked?

9. Write a platform-appropriate bio
People use diverse social media platforms for very different purposes. As such, your audiences across these platforms will expect different things from you. Your LinkedIn account, for example, should be fairly formal and include information about your professional achievements. Your Twitter and Instagram profiles, on the other hand, can afford to be a little more playful.

It is also important to take account of character limits, which vary considerably across platforms. Here’s a breakdown of limits for the most popular social sites:

  • Twitter: 160 characters max
  • LinkedIn: 2,000 characters max
  • Instagram: 150 characters max
  • Facebook: 155 characters max

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