Getting Started Guide: Willow All-in-One Link in Bio Tool

In this blog post, you'll learn everything you need to know about getting the most out of Willow—an amazing all-in-one link in bio tool.


From commissionable links of your favorite products to direct links to your latest pieces of content, there’s always something to share with your followers and fans online. Having a place to house all these important links is crucial—that’s where an all-in-one link in bio tool like Willow comes in. Symbolically, willow trees represent adaptability and flexibility due to the tree’s ability to bend without snapping, even under extreme conditions. With things forever changing in the creator economy and new platforms coming about, you need to be in many places at once. Willow makes that possible by creating a hub for your most important links to reside.

Below is everything you need to know about Willow, including how to get the most out of it as well as the perks of opting for the pro subscription.

As expected, adding links to your Willow page is the first and most crucial step in getting started. Below we’ll explain how to add links and some built-in linking tools that you may find helpful.

Built-In: Organization, Monetization, Charity, and Integrations


While Willow allows you to share pretty much anything that your heart desires, there are some built-in linking tools to help your most important links stand out. When you click Explore monetization, charity, and integrations, you’ll be able to add the following links by clicking and adding the correct credentials/information.

Organization: Create sections for your Willow page to organize links for your audience based on category. Also, add icons that link to your social media pages, such as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Monetization: Here, you can add a PayPal Button to receive tips from fans, collect information from your audience, sell Gumroad products, and get booked via Calendly right from your Willow page.

Charity: Raise funds for a worthy cause by adding a banner to your Willow page to collect donations.

Integrations: Share content from other platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok directly on your Willow page.

If you want to link to anything else, simply click Add Link from the My Page window of your Willow dashboard. When adding links, you have the option to add a title and subtitle. While the subtitle is optional, you must add a title to add the link to your Willow.

Designing Your Willow Page


Considering your Willow is an extension of your brand, it’s only fitting that you design your page to reflect that. Below is how you customize your page to fit your brand aesthetic via the Design tab of your Willow dashboard.

Profile Image

To change your profile picture, click Pick an Image and choose a file from your device. Once you select an image, you’ll have the opportunity to crop it to ensure it fits the circle perfectly.

If you’re a Willow Pro member, you can remove the Willow logo and replace it with yours. To do this, toggle on the Hide Willow Logo option, then Upload your own logo.


Share the deets! Under Profile, you can update the URL of your Willow link and add a short bio (150 characters or less) so visitors can get to know a bit more about you.



Lastly, from the design page, you can choose a theme for your Willow from the premade templates. Alternatively, Willow Pro users have the option of creating their theme to make their Willow page as on-brand as possible.



While the free version of Willow allows creators to see basic analytics such as total views and clicks (displayed at the top right side of your dashboard), Pro users can see more robust metrics.

Activity: Here, you can get insights on your total views, unique views, total clicks, unique clicks, and click-through rates (CTR)

Donations: Track your received donations (via PayPal and credit card).

Top Locations: See what places around the world your visitors are from.

Top Referrers: Check which sites drive the most traffic to your Willow page.

Device Analytics: Get insights on the devices that visitors are using when accessing your Willow (mobile, tablet, or desktop) and their respective views, clicks, and CTR.

Willow Pro

As we mentioned in this blog post, Willow Pro gives users access to even more features that make sharing links online a wonderful experience for the creator and their fans. For just $5 a month or $50 per year, you can get premium features such as theme customization and access to full analytics.

Gaining Access to More Creator Tools with Streamlabs Ultra

In addition to sharing links, as a creator, you may need more tools for video editing and live stream customization. If so, you may consider signing up for Streamlabs Ultra— a suite of pro-level tools for creators, combining the premium services of Willow Pro, Oslo, Streamlabs Ultra (formally Prime), Crossclip Pro, Melon Pro, and Streamlabs Console into one simple login (using Streamlabs ID) and monthly subscription.

Start sharing your most important links with your fans, followers, and potential partners today by signing up for Willow today!