Calendly Integration Now Available

Calendly Integration Now Available
Let your clients schedule meetings with you directly from your Willow link with Calendly. We’ll show you how to set up this game-changing tool.

Willow just keeps getting better! Creators can now link their Calendly profiles directly to their Willow link-in-bio. Clients, customers, colleagues, and more will be able to schedule meetings with you easier than ever before.

What Is Calendly?

Calendly is a scheduling tool that allows you to share a link on your website, blog, and now, through your favorite link-in-bio tool, Willow! Anyone can click on the link, see your availability, and schedule a meeting with you. Whether you’re an online instructor, therapist, or simply someone who works closely with clients via meetings, Calendly is an incredibly useful tool. Not only does it integrate with your Google Calendar, it prevents mishaps like double-booking. If you don’t have a Calendly account yet, we recommend giving it a try. Here’s how to set it up with your Willow profile in a matter of seconds.

Go to your “My Page” in Willow and click on “Explore monetization, charity, and integrations.”

Click on "Calendly."

That’s it! Your Calendly is now integrated into your Willow bio.

Now, anyone who visits your Willow bio can easily see the availability you’ve set with Calendly and schedule an appointment. We hope this useful integration will streamline things for you and your community and allow you to connect and collaborate easier than ever before!